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Welcome to the work of Tracy Anne Duggan, Artist/Illustrator. Here you will find a variety of ©DeadcharmingArt. Some real eye candy, and some images that may leave you with personal questions about your values, or simply remind you of the responsibilities we all hold to ourselves, our community and of course our beloved Mama Earth.                         Visual coaching through Art and Image. 
I Work with themes often in series, inspired by my own spiritual & personal development in awareness. I Injoy using Metaphors, quotes, parables and my own journey and realizations as the starting point and foundation for my Artwork. Mapping out a journey for myself and the viewer, that acts as a reminder of where we want to be, or could be in our own personal journeys.
You will find Portraits are a big element of my work. Sometimes in a very traditional style, other times more characterized and stylized.                                                                      As a young child, I remember discovering portrait drawings that my Mother had made when she worked as a young Woman on the switchboards. I would study the pencil marks and shading, the eyes, the expression. Everything fascinated me. Sadly, my Mother has since, never made any other artwork, believing that she was not talented and lacked skill.                                                 Unknown to me then these drawings were to have an enormous influence on me as I always strived to be able to make portrait drawings like my Mum. Today this is a honed skill I sometimes offer on a Commission Basis. 
Alongside portraits, animals, insects and plant life often find their way into my creations to express the emotions and messages I wish to share. I also like to pay homage to the 5 elements within my work, & was clear at a young age that these symbols would adorn my wrists and ankles as they do today in the form of Tattoos. (Spirit and Air combining as one symbol)
I have a deep personal interest in Shamanism, Sacred Geometry, Yoga, Meditation, Astrology & personal/spiritual development. I study from books, online seminars, and the people who inspire me deeply & spiritually in and outside of my daily Life. 
I became the gift of  Motherhood to a Wonderful Soul in 2012, and my Daughter and I have the blessing of the company of a fantastic four legged friend, who takes us daily, out into the wilderness.
When I am not creating, be it artwork or business. I can be found mostly with these two companions out and about on our Bicycles, collecting wild food and having wild adventures. 
I also practice Yoga and Meditation and at times embark on shamanic journeys into the other worlds.
Blessed Be. 
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Thank you for interest and your time
© Copyright 2017, Tracy Anne Duggan. All rights reserved
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